Organisational Development and Restructures

Whether you are considering a review of your workforce or planning to diversify your business, we can help to realign your teams to deliver the changes which face your business.


The first stage is to accurately identify the business need for the change and the intended impact on clients and customers. Then by identifying the key skills required by your teams to deliver the customer and business requirements, we can identify any skills or knowledge gaps.


This information can then be used to create new job specs and person specs in order for the organisation to go through a constructive process to identify how to close the skill gaps which may exist. By carrying out a Training Needs Analysis it is possible to identify learning and development needs and design a people structure to back up the change as it is implemented.


We have worked with senior managers, up to and including Board Directors, in both public and private sector organisations to identify the business requirements and their impact on the customers and clients to the business. This had resulted in workable structures, effective job outlines and we have also run change workshops for the teams involved to help them understand the need for change and to steer them in the right direction to support the management of change.

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